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Why Choose MLC?

Jun 22, 2022

Making a decision to hire a firm to assist with procurement, government relations, lobbying, or public affairs can be daunting, especially if you are not already familiar with firms in Michigan.  So, why choose MLC? Because, when you choose us — you are getting the MLC family.

The MLC family distinguishes itself because of our leadership backgrounds, strategic planning process, and our trustworthiness.  From your first call, email, or text, you will be partnered with an experienced member throughout your entire journey.  Professionals with years of experience in state and local government, the private and public sector, and campaigning work as a collaborative team on your issues. Plus, you are given full access to the MLC family of professional and administrative staff.  We listen to you.  We work side by side to develop an effective strategy for you – and this ensures we our focused on meeting your needs today and tomorrow. We place great value on our relationships that have been built through trust, both inside and outside of government. It’s how we get things done.

We recognize the issues we are fighting for just don’t affect your organization but affect families and individuals across Michigan.  So, if you are working with us, you will realize the MLC family is so much more.  As individuals, we are raising, or have raised, over 14 children of all ages.  You are likely to learn about the local children’s theater or lacrosse match, and we will be delighted to hear your stories and adventures.  As a client, you become a part of the MLC family.  We understand that you are entrusting your goals and livelihood to our efforts.

We welcome you to choose MLC.  Together, we will accomplish great things for your organization and Michigan –and we may fire up the espresso machine while we are doing so.

Michigan Legislative Consultants is a bipartisan lobbying firm based in Lansing, Michigan. Our team of lobbyists and procurement specialists provide a wide range of services for some of the most respected companies in America. For more on MLC, visit www.mlcmi.com or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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MLC is proud to be the Michigan member of NASL