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What Does MLC Do?

May 11, 2022

When you simply look at the basic structure of government, it can be understandable. And to complete a specific ministerial task, it is usually navigable for the average person.  When you file your taxes with the Department of Treasury or renewing or updating documents with the Secretary of State’s office, it’s familiar – sometimes frustrating – but workable.

But what happens when an organization needs to simultaneously navigate multiple branches of government to push for a widespread solution, advocate for a tweak to a law or administrative rule, or defend against overbearing government threats to your business?  Who do you turn to that will immediately listen and serve as your advocate?

On the flipside, what if someone in government needs to discuss a solution or an issue with a business leader?  Who do they turn to?

That’s what we do.  We are the advocates for our clients to government and the conduit from policy makers back to our clients. MLC works with both entities to identify solutions that work for our clients here in Michigan.

MLC helps clients find champions and creates strategies to drive the outcomes that our clients desire.

Most important, MLC identifies the right timing to push issues or solutions.  Like most everything in life, timing is essential to success.

MLC serves as the eyes, ears, and voices for our clients in the state Capitol.  We identify potential problems and protect them from overreaching regulations, but also identify opportunities where our clients can help Michigan. The end result is that with our help, our clients’ business can sustain and grow.

While most businesses and organizations have a government affairs person working to help them navigate government, it takes experience to get the job done well. MLC has been helping our clients clear government’s numerous hurdles for nearly 60 years. It’s what we do.

Michigan Legislative Consultants is a bipartisan lobbying firm based in Lansing, Michigan. Our team of lobbyists and procurement specialists provide a wide range of services for some of the most respected companies in America. For more on MLC, visit www.mlcmi.com or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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MLC is proud to be the Michigan member of NASL