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Organizing and Collective Bargaining Package Announced

Feb 18, 2022

Members of the House and Senate Democratic caucuses unveiled their plan this week regarding organizing and collective bargaining in Michigan. Specifics within the 34-bill package include:

    • Repealing a provision that prohibits the contracting out of non-instructional services from being a subject of bargaining.
    • Allowing principals and vice principals to organize and be represented by unions.
    • Allowing school districts to collect union dues or fees via payroll deduction.
    • Restoring contract expiration rights.
    • Restoring the “reasonable and just cause” discharge standard in the Teacher Tenure Act.
    • Creating the Reasonable and Just Cause Teacher Tenure Act. 
    • Prohibiting the use of replacement workers during labor disputes.
    • Expanding binding arbitration to cover all public employees.
    • Allowing state employees to use binding arbitration.
    • Allowing workers injured on the picket line because of the actions of a private security force contracted by the employer to be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits.
    • Repealing the Domestic Partner Benefit Restriction Act, which prohibits public employers from providing domestic partner benefits.
    • Barring employers from hiring or firing an individual based upon their credit history, their appearance, or a family member’s health.
    • Requiring an employer to have “just cause” before terminating an employee after a probationary period.
    • Ensuring that the state does not subsidize employers who outsource jobs.

Upon introduction, the bills will be referred to committees for consideration.

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