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Storytelling in Business

Oct 13, 2021

Over the years, the tools we use to communicate have changed.  We’ve evolved from desk phones to smartphones that are small computers.  Along with technology, messaging style has also changed. In business, while the message is critical, what is most important is the style in which that message is delivered.  An area that has evolved quite recently is storytelling.

Today’s idea of storytelling is more complex.  In fact, some companies have hired people for the role of company storyteller.  It’s a way to differentiate your company from your competitors.  Telling a story gives the listener context.  Too many times in a pitch companies get caught up in the basics of their product but fail to tell what the qualities of the product are, or why they should support it.  Storytelling can help personalize your product, which helps to keep the information in a buyer’s mind.

Take for example, I pitch a program helping kids stay in school and we ask for $500,000 for the program.  In that scenario I only asked for what I want, the funding. Instead, I could have pitched the program using a personal story of a student the program has supported, providing the student’s first name, demographic information, and how the program helped them expand their educational opportunities. Furthermore, adding details of the student’s success within the program will show the benefits, and past successes, of the program.

I will warn though, with this style you do not want to go overboard. You are attempting to grab the audience and keep an image in their mind.  Stick to one great story during your pitch. Give storytelling a try, you’ll be surprised at the success you achieve from switching up your traditional style.

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