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Michigan’s Airports

Nov 27, 2019

With nearly 100,000 square miles, Michigan is ranked as the 11th largest state and the largest state east of the Mississippi.  While our highways and increased speed limits ease the pain of a long road trip, it still takes 8-hours to drive from Detroit to Houghton, MI – about the same time it takes to drive from Detroit to Washington, DC.  When driving to DC, you’ll also touch 4 states!

I often hear that getting to Michigan from out of state isn’t easy, whether it’s for a conference on Mackinac Island, a golf trip and brewery visit to Marquette, or a meeting at the State Capitol. People coming from out of state have plenty of great reasons to travel here, but could air travel be the best option?  With Holiday travel on the horizon, and the early planning for Michigan based conferences, I thought I’d provide a snapshot of the state’s airport system.  The following shows the number of daily flights, destinations, the number of airlines, and some of the anticipated upgrades at each location, designed to make travel to the Mitten State even more smooth.

Happy traveling!!!

Detroit Metro Airport, Romulus

    • 1,100 flights per day
    • 140 destinations
    • 14 airlines
    • Recently updated trams in McNamara Terminal with new software and hardware.
    • Construction has also begun on DTW’s primary departure runway. This is a $256 million project that will ensure the safety of the runway for passengers for years to come

Gerald F. Ford International Airport, Grand Rapids

    • 140 flights per day
    • 32 destinations
    • 7 airlines
    • Project Elevate – a 3-phase plan for growth that will allow the airport to serve thousands more passengers, book additional destinations, & potentially serve as a base for another airline by 2040.

Cherry Capital Airport, Traverse City

    • 14 destinations
    • 7 airlines
    • The airport has continued to see steady growth and is continuously adding more airlines and destinations to better suit passengers.
    • They are looking to expand from their current 6-gate facility to a 12 gate.

Capital Region International Airport, Lansing

    • 4 destinations
    • 4 airlines
    • In June, the airport kicked off several modernization projects to upgrade passenger experience which will include the construction of new restaurants, a coffee shop, business pods, and private nursing rooms

Flint Bishop International Airport, Flint

    • 324 flights per month
    • 8 destinations
    • 4 airlines
    • $8 million upgrade for Bishop Airport’s main runway, including reconstruction of the main runway, the addition of runway shoulders, and lighting improvements. Rental Car parking lot improvements are also underway, scheduled to finish in October

Kalamazoo Battle Creek International Airport

    • 8 flights per day
    • 3 destinations
    • 3 airlines
    • The airport has been working in recent years to expand and renovate their runways

Sawyer International Airport, Marquette

    • 5 flights per day
    • 3 destinations
    • 3 airlines
    • The airport recently received over a million dollars in grant money from USDOT to expand their hanger from 665 sq ft to over 20,000. This will allow them to book larger flights on larger planes

Houghton County Memorial Airport, Houghton

    • 2 flights per day
    • 1 destination
    • 1 airline
    • This airport is growing, but more slowly than the rest. Discussions are underway about Delta returning to the airport, and about replacing their Chicago destination with Detroit or Minneapolis.

Pellston Regional Airport, Pellston

    • 3 flights per day
    • 2 destinations
    • 1 airline
    • In September of 2019, the airport received $44,000 dollars from the FAA to remove obstructions from airport property.

Chippewa County International Airport, Kinross

    • 13 flights per week
    • 2 destinations
    • 1 airline
    • The airport added a destination to Minneapolis in 2017, and passengers have gone up by 5.5% since then.
    • In 2019 the airport began work to add additional flights

Muskegon County Airport, Muskegon

    • 2 flights per day
    • 1 destination
    • 1 airline
    • The airport recently upgraded its lighting and runways in April.
    • The airport also has plans to put in an emergency generator, and to continue to renovate its runways and lighting.

Delta County Airport, Escanaba

    • 2 flights per day
    • 1 destination
    • 1 airline
    • In recent years the airport has worked on repaving runways and upgrading lighting throughout the airport.
    • They have also recently installed a solar field and are hoping to also build a dog park, as well as renovate the front entryway.
    • The airport has continued to grow steadily since 2017.

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