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Learning from the Past, While Moving Forward

Apr 19, 2023

There are many ways to view new beginnings.  They can be awkward and uncertain, or they can be powerful. At some point, everyone will face a new beginning. It could be a major, life changing event, simply starting a new day, or giving someone a second chance. It is how we approach, plan, and execute that determines our ability to leverage these occasions to our advantage in both our personal and professional life.

To make the most of new beginnings and create powerful opportunities, it is important to apply what we have learned from our previous experiences.  We’ve all had situations where if given the opportunity we would do it a different way.  Bringing the lessons learned from past experiences allows for make-or-break adjustments in the new chapter that is being written. Having the ability to understand how to deploy talents in new opportunities sets you up for success.  By acknowledging past experiences, the new experience becomes rewarding and can lead to greater opportunities in the future.

While it’s important to learn from the past, it’s also important to move forward with a fresh start. From the perspective of a former legislator who is now a lobbyist, new beginnings are both necessary and a gift.  As a lobbyist, I work on countless issues over the course of a legislative session, working with legislators in supporting their cause, developing messaging, and working to get additional supporters.  However, the next week, I might work against the same team I previously supported.  The only way these relationships work in Lansing is through new beginnings and fresh starts.

Without new beginnings, long memories will always stand in the way of building coalitions and moving forward.  Starting anew with a colleague or peer is such a simple gesture that is often overlooked; however, it is the secret sauce to building effective relationships.  To turn a page and give someone a fresh start is a practice that should be used often.  One could argue that the most successful friendships, marriages, or partnerships all use forgiveness or a fresh start to make it through a difficult patch. The most successful leaders in Lansing use this every day as a powerful tool to reach across the aisle and build successful alliances.  New beginnings are one of the cornerstones to building effective relationships.

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