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Governor Creates Literacy Commission

Jul 29, 2016

On Wednesday, by Executive Order, Governor Rick Snyder created the PreK-12 Literacy Commission.  The commission was created after state government leaders formed a workgroup to review state policies on literacy and determined an independent commission was needed to set literacy goals for the state and provide reports on progress.  The commission will be housed within the Department of Education and will be responsible for investigating, analyzing, and advising on changes related to;

  • State programs, statutes, regulations, and policies concerning literacy
  • Monitoring literacy research, pilot programs, and policies nationwide for potential adoption in Michigan
  • Encourage partnerships between the state, schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to help boost literacy in the state

Additionally, the commission will make recommendations on how state policies can better align with literacy challenges schools face based on their location, socioeconomic status and population; identify and public best practices on literacy-focused development; and report on methods to engage parents in promoting literacy.  “Michigan is one of many states working to revamp their school reading programs.  The commission will take a holistic approach, looking to make changes from several different avenues, hoping to generate a positive impact on the state’s literacy rate,” stated Tony Des Chenes of MLC.

The thirteen-member commission will be comprised of seven members appointed by the governor, two serving terms expiring January 2017, two serving terms expiring January 2018, two serving terms expiring January 2019, and one serving a term ending January 2020.  The additional six members will be recommended by education and legislative leaders and appointed by the governor, including:

  • Two members submitted by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, serving four-year terms
  • One member submitted by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, serving a two-year term
  • One member submitted by the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, serving a two-year term
  • One member submitted by the Senate Majority Leader, serving a two-year term
  • One member submitted by the Senate Minority Leader, serving a two-year term

To view the full Executive Order, please click here.

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