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Five Things We’re Reading

Jan 24, 2023

Below are some of the articles that the MLC lobby team has been reading this past week. We hope you find them as interesting and useful as we do.

Long Before Silicon Valley, Scholars in Ancient Iraq Created an Intellectual Hub That Revolutionized Science – During the dark ages, this area became the “House of Wisdom,” likely paving the way for future institutions.

States Put Grocery Taxes on Ice – Following the precipitous rise in inflation, states put a halt on taxing groceries.

These Rules Changes For 2023 Will Bring More Forgiveness, Inclusivity to The Game – The Rules of Golf have been updated, how will this bring greater understanding and application to the game?

No More Fridays – What were the results of a real-world experiment, where people worked four-day work weeks?

Easily Distracted? You Need to Think Like A Medieval Monk – Despite a lack of modern-day distractions, ancient monks faced many of the same challenges we do today. What were the ways they learned to move past distractions and how can you apply that to your life?

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