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E Pluribus Unum Nets Auto No-Fault Reform

May 29, 2019

The phrase “E Pluribus Unum” meaning out of many, one – appears on our currency, just look at the ribbon in the eagle’s beak. It also appears in the various seals of our federal officials (President and Vice President) and bodies of the government (Congress, US House & Senate, and Supreme Court).

The origin of the phrase has been traced back to Pierre Eugene du Simitiere and the committee responsible for developing the seal in 1776. Back through time the meaning can be traced to Cicero’s paraphrase of Pythagoras in his De Officiis. I’m not a regularreader of Cicero, so fortunately Wikipedia provided me with this condensed history.

So how do we get from Cicero to auto no-fault? Quite easily, at least in theory.

When the people holding public office, combined with the politics of a given issue and situation converge, there are various paths from which they can choose.   Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, Speaker Lee Chatfield, and the others who helped them negotiate the issue, each had their own ideas on how best to reshape Michigan’s no-fault system.  No doubt, they each had many of their own ideas edited down in order to produce one final legislative product they could all agree to.

After countless days and hours of negotiations, out of many ideas, one piece of historic reform legislation was achieved.  While Pierre Eugene du Simitiere’s committee suggestion for a seal had a much grander purpose at hand in 1776, I trust he would be proud of the demonstrated spirit of the seal last week.

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