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House Attempts Veto Override

Jul 02, 2021

Earlier this month, the legislature sent a package to Governor Gretchen Whitmer providing an exemption from sales and use taxes for PPE and other supplies purchased by businesses to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The proposal received bipartisan support in both chambers, passing by a vote of 104-6 in the House and 36-0 in the […]

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Governor Vetoes Medical Provider Immunity Bill

Aug 14, 2020

Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed legislation that would have provided automatic immunity during a state of emergency or disaster to medical providers, even when an emergency or disaster declaration doesn’t call for that.  According to the governor, the bill would have caused patients receiving treatment to be powerless to seek relief when they are harmed. To […]

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Veto Override: A Hammer in the Legislature’s Tool Box

Mar 07, 2018

When the Legislature passes a bill, the governor can opt to either approve or reject the piece of legislation from becoming law.  He can approve the bill by either signing it or if he doesn’t sign it within 14 days and the legislature is still in session, it will automatically become law.  If he decides […]

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Governor Vetoes Sales Tax Exemption Legislation

Jul 28, 2017

On Tuesday, Governor Rick Snyder returned a two-bill, tax relief package without his signature.  The legislation would have accelerated the timeline originally agreed upon in 2013 for the phase-in of sales and use tax relief for those who trade in a vehicle when purchasing a new or used vehicle.  The reductions were originally scheduled to […]

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Governor Vetoes Legislation, Upsets Some Senate Republicans

Jul 07, 2017

Last week, Governor Rick Snyder vetoed legislation that would have created a fund-raising licensing plate for the Choose Life Michigan Fund.  Funds generated by residents purchasing these plates would have been distributed to nonprofit groups who provide aide to pregnant women and promote alternatives to abortion.  As to why he vetoed the bill, Governor Snyder […]

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