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Senate Votes to Repeal Right to Work, Restore Prevailing Wage

Mar 17, 2023

This week, the Senate approved legislation impacting workers in Michigan. Named “Restoring Worker’s Rights”, the bills repeal right-to-work laws in Michigan and restore the state’s prevailing wage. Senate Bill 34, sponsored by Senator Darrin Camilleri (D-Trenton), passed in concert with House Bill 4004, will repeal the right-to-work law passed in 2012. The House bill includes […]

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Organizing and Collective Bargaining Package Announced

Feb 18, 2022

Members of the House and Senate Democratic caucuses unveiled their plan this week regarding organizing and collective bargaining in Michigan. Specifics within the 34-bill package include: Repealing a provision that prohibits the contracting out of non-instructional services from being a subject of bargaining. Allowing principals and vice principals to organize and be represented by unions. […]

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Plain Unveiled Reforming Prevailing Wage Formula

May 18, 2018

Representative Martin Howrylak (R-Troy) announced his proposal to align Michigan’s prevailing wage formula with the national Davis-Bacon Act wage structure. The state’s prevailing wage laws are applied to construction workers on state financed or sponsored projects. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs compiles the rates contained in collectively bargained agreements covering the locations of […]

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“Worker’s Choice” Legislation Introduced

Sep 09, 2016

Representative Gary Glenn (R-Midland) this week introduced a bill making changes to the state’s collective bargaining laws.  Under the legislation, a union would no longer have to represent an employee who chooses not to pay dues.  It also allows an individual who has chosen not to join a union to directly negotiate with their employer. […]

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