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Deputy State Treasurer Selected

Jul 19, 2019

Joyce Parker was selected by State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks to serve as the department’s new deputy state treasurer over state and local government finance programs. She will lead program areas within the department that provide financial services and bonding to local communities and school districts and oversee property tax administration. Ms. Parker began her new […]

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House Moves Bill Requiring Local Reporting

Dec 09, 2016

This week, the House Local Government Committee reported a bill that requires local governments to submit to the Department of Treasury their summary annual report on their retirement system.  The requirement for submitting a report will only be made upon those whose actuarial accrued liability for retiree health or pension is less than 60% funded.  […]

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Deputy Treasurer Announced

Sep 23, 2016

On Wednesday it was announced that State Treasurer Nick Khouri appointed Dr. Eric Scorsone as Senior Deputy State Treasurer for Finance.  Dr. Scorsone responsibilities will include monitoring the fiscal health of local governments and school districts, state and local debt financing, and higher education student financial assistance.  Additionally, he will oversee the Bureaus of State […]

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