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Pension Tax Repeal Introduced

Jan 11, 2019

This week, Representative Joe Bellino (R-Monroe) introduced legislation repealing Michigan’s pension tax that was first charged in 2012. Currently the system is a three-tiered retirement tax structure based on the year a person is born. Under his proposal, Michigan’s previous retirement tax structure would be re-established and both public pensions and social security income would […]

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It’s A Wrap: The 2017 Legislative Session By The Numbers

Jan 02, 2018

Sine Die has come and gone in Lansing. As our Michigan lawmakers closed the books on this legislative session, we tallied the numbers to see what was accomplished in the statehouse.

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Supreme Court Order Finds 2010 Law Unconstitutional

Dec 22, 2017

This week, the Michigan Supreme Court issued an order finding that Public Act 75 of 2010 is unconstitutional. Under the law, public school employees had to contribute 3% of their salary for future retiree health care. “This measure was passed during a massive overhaul to the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System, which at the […]

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Reforms to Local Retiree Benefits Moves Forward

Dec 08, 2017

This week, the House and Senate passed identical bill packages making reforms to retiree benefits in local communities. Originally as introduced the bills would have made major reforms and included changes that police and firefighters believed would significantly reduce or remove their earned benefits.  Following a major push by stakeholders and several legislators, the House […]

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Retiree Health Care Reforms Introduced

Dec 01, 2017

This week, the House and Senate introduced legislation making reforms to retiree benefits in local communities. Over the past month there has been increasing talk around the Capitol of making such changes in response to local governments who are facing unfunded liabilities. On Wednesday, police and firefighters, who receive local pensions and benefits, showed up […]

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Retirement Reform Task Force Releases Report

Jul 21, 2017

On Tuesday, the Responsible Retirement Reform for Local Government Task Force released their report of recommendations.  The proposals are focused on addressing local pension and health care costs, ensuring retiree support, and providing more financial stability and effective delivery of local government services.  “The increasing costs of retirement benefits has been a major issue for […]

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MPSERS Reform Signed into Law

Jul 14, 2017

On Thursday, Governor Rick Snyder signed into a law a bill reforming the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System. Proponents of the change claim that pension programs have become a financial burden for public school systems and the MSPERS “hybrid” plan will no longer be available to new enrollees as of February 1, 2018. A […]

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Legislature Approves Changes to Teacher’s Retirement

Jun 23, 2017

This week, the House voted to approve a Senate bill that would make changes to the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS).  The plan will close the current hybrid plan and enroll school employees hired after February 1, 2018, into a new defined contribution retirement plan.  All employees would have the change to opt […]

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