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Redistricting Lawsuit Filed

Jan 07, 2022

Detroit legislators filed a lawsuit over the redistricting maps, which were finalized at the end of 2020. The legislators pointed to what they believe are maps that dilute the representative of minority communities. They assert the new political district maps are gerrymandered in the form of cracking, packing, and retrogression against African American communities. To […]

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The Impact of Redistricting

Dec 01, 2021

Political junkies across Michigan have been watching hours of public hearings on YouTube by the Independent Redistricting Commission that is redrawing Michigan’s legislative districts. This is the first time the newly created commission has redrawn the lines, after Michigan voters enacted a constitutional amendment changing the process. Many legislators didn’t consider redistricting two or four […]

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Semi-Finalist Selected for Redistricting Commission

Jun 26, 2020

Michigan is one step closer to finalizing the state’s first-ever Independent Redistricting Commission. This week, 200 semi-finalists were selected through random selection from a pool of 9,326 applications. The semi-finalists are comprised of 60 applicants who affiliate with the Democratic Party, 60 with the Republican Party, and 80 applicants who don’t affiliate with either party. […]

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Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission Application Window Closes

Jun 05, 2020

After a nine-month application window, June 1 marked the final day that residents could apply to participate in the new Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. As of Monday, the Michigan Department of State (MDOS) has processed 6,264 completed and notarized applications. The application period began in October of last year with the launch of the online […]

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Redistricting Commission Receives High Number of Applications

Apr 17, 2020

Thus far, the Department of State has processed 4,322 notarized applications to serve on the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. The state is on track this week to surpass the number of final submissions processed by California when it launched a similar commission, despite having a population nearly quadruple that of Michigan. The department has […]

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Michigan’s New Citizen’s Redistricting Commissioners Will Get $40,000 – Why Not Apply?

Mar 11, 2020

Every ten years, on the heels of the U.S. Census numbers being finalized, all of the state’s legislative and congressional districts are redrawn to be more representative of the shift in population.  These districts remain in place until the next census in ten years. The drawing of districts in Michigan has always been viewed as […]

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