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Workers’ Reforms Signed Into Law

Mar 31, 2023

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation impacting thousands of workers in Michigan into law. The newly signed bills, named the ‘Restoring Workers’ Rights’ package, repeals the right-to-work law, under which an employee couldn’t be required to pay union dues as part of their employment. Michigan is the first state in more than 50 years to repeal […]

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Major Reforms Headed to the Governor

Mar 24, 2023

Governor Gretchen Whitmer will give final consideration of changes to right to work and prevailing wage after the legislature gave its final stamp of approval this week. Each chamber voted to approve changes to its bills made by the other chamber. Two of the bills repeal Michigan’s right-to-work law implemented in 2012 during the Snyder […]

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Senate Votes to Repeal Right to Work, Restore Prevailing Wage

Mar 17, 2023

This week, the Senate approved legislation impacting workers in Michigan. Named “Restoring Worker’s Rights”, the bills repeal right-to-work laws in Michigan and restore the state’s prevailing wage. Senate Bill 34, sponsored by Senator Darrin Camilleri (D-Trenton), passed in concert with House Bill 4004, will repeal the right-to-work law passed in 2012. The House bill includes […]

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House Passes Changes to Right to Work, Prevailing Wage

Mar 10, 2023

This week, the House voted to repeal Michigan’s right-to-work laws and re-establish prevailing wage. Right-to-work was signed into law in 2012 under Governor Rick Snyder. It allowed workers not to join a union or pay dues. However, one of the main talking points of those in opposition was those same workers would receive the benefits. […]

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