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Grand Rapids and West Michigan – Marketing Phenomena or Are Things Really This Good?

Oct 18, 2017

As a follow up to my recent post about West Michigan’s Creative Class, I was set to share some creative culinary spots and history in the area, but then an article caught my eye, and I decided to shift gears. Last week, the Grand Rapids region was touted as being one of the best places […]

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The Creative Class Can be Found in Grand Rapids

Sep 13, 2017

Once known as “Furniture City” for hosting some of the finest wood furniture designers and manufactures in the world (Think, access to native timber and a major river to carry it to the mills) – the Grand Rapids region identifies as having a large creative class and enjoys its economic benefits. The arts dominate in […]

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Michigan’s Market Impact Report: Momentum from Detroit and Beyond

Mar 15, 2016

Media buzz surrounding Michigan’s resurgence are plentiful; however, they tend to only spotlight Detroit. While the city’s success is undoubtedly important to the state, and it has certainly earned it in recent years, there’s more to Michigan’s comeback than Detroit alone. Other areas of the state, such as Grand Rapids, Traverse City and Ann Arbor, […]

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