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Constitutional Amendment Headed to the Ballot

May 13, 2022

This week, the legislature approved of placing a constitutional amendment making changes to financial disclosure and term limits laws in Michigan on the ballot. It would require annual financial disclosures by the governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and members of the legislature. Items that would need to be disclosed include assets, liabilities, […]

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Committee Hears Testimony on Lame Duck Reforms

Feb 19, 2021

The House Elections and Ethics Committee heard testimony this week on legislation that would change lame duck as we know it. Lame duck, the period between a general election and the end of a two-year legislative term, has historically been controversial. Under House Joint Resolution A, introduced by Speaker Jason Wentworth (R-Clare), would amend the […]

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Constitutional Amendment Moves Forward

May 25, 2018

Early this week, the Secretary of State announced the constitutional amendment changing the way we redistrict following a census has enough signatures to move forward. The group, Voters Not Politicians, turned in more than the necessary 315,654 signatures required to get the amendment on the November 2018 ballot. “The Board of State Canvassers was scheduled […]

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The Legislative Power of the People … Citizens Initiatives

Jan 24, 2018

This November, Michiganders should expect to see several ballot questions placed before them during the general election.  This is because there are several pending citizens initiatives to create or amend statutory law, as well as amend the state constitution.  Other than the form the law takes, what is difference between these initiated efforts and why […]

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Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment Introduced

Oct 13, 2017

This week, Representative Ben Frederick (R-Owosso) introduced a resolution requiring the Michigan Legislature to present a balanced budget to the governor by July 1 each year.  The resolution has received bipartisan support, as members of both political parties signed as co-sponsors of the legislation. His proposal would amend the Michigan Constitution to establish the deadline […]

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Speaker Pro Tem Seeks US Constitutional Amendment

Sep 15, 2017

The House Government Operations Committee this week reported a resolution calling for a convention of states.  The measure, introduced by Speaker Pro Tem Lee Chatfield (R-Levering), seeks to amend the United States Constitution to decrease the size and spending of the federal government.  Additionally, his resolution calls for term limits on members of Congress.  House […]

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Constitutional Amendment Cleared for Signatures

Aug 18, 2017

On Thursday, the Board of State Canvassers gave their approval as to the form of a petition seeking to amend the state constitution and create an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.  Federal law requires states to redraw district maps every ten years after the latest census occurs.  Currently in Michigan, the task of redrawing the districts […]

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Resolution Approved Calling for a Constitutional Amendment

May 19, 2017

This week, the House passed a resolution aimed at defining electronic property rights.  It would amend the Michigan Constitution to make clear that the government must generally obtain a search warrant to access a person’s electronic data or communications, protecting electronic property from unreasonable search and seizure.  “As technology continues to rapidly evolve, citizens have […]

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