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Senate Passes Change to Campaign Finance Laws

Apr 29, 2022

This week, the Senate passed a bill making changes to the laws governing campaign fundraising when an officeholder is subject to a recall. Introduced by Senator Jim Runestad (R-White Lake), the legislation requires an officeholder, who is the subject of an approved recall petition, to place money raised for a recall election into a separate […]

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Campaign Finance Reform Introduced

Jun 14, 2019

Representative Lynn Afendoulis (R-Grand Rapids Twp.) introduced legislation she believes will add more accountability to the state’s campaign finance laws. The plan would create a minimum penalty for fines imposed for violations of campaign finance laws. According to the bill sponsor, the current system has been insignificant and ineffective. The bill requires the Secretary of […]

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Controversial Campaign Finance Legislation Passed

Dec 07, 2018

On Thursday, the Senate passed a five-bill package creating an independent commission charged with campaign finance oversight. Currently, the Secretary of State provides the oversight. Controversy has surround the package as those opposed see this as a way for a Republican-led legislature to remove powers from the Secretary of State, who come January will be […]

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Super PACs – The Clark Kent of the Campaign Trail

Jul 18, 2018

As the primary and general elections get closer and closer, more questions pop-up on campaign financing tools as political fundraising efforts increase.  One area of questions the MLC team often gets asked about pertains to Super PACs.  Clients often wonder what they are and why organizations want to form them. In September 2017, new campaign […]

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Campaign Finance Signed into Law

Sep 22, 2017

Legislation reforming campaign finance law in Michigan quickly moved through the House this week and within hours of being presented, was signed by Governor Snyder.  Last week the Senate approved the controversial legislation, sending it to the House for consideration.  The House Election and Ethics Committee held one hearing on the bill, reported it from […]

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Campaign Finance Reform Passes Senate

Sep 15, 2017

On Thursday, the Senate passed a two-bill package making reforms to campaign finance in Michigan.  The proposal would allow independent expenditure committees to raise and spend unlimited funds.  It also allows for candidates to solicit funds for those committees, but would prohibit them from telling the committee how to spend the funds.  “This is a […]

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Lt. Governor Makes Announcements

Jun 02, 2017

This week, Lt. Governor Brian Calley made two big announcements during the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Mackinac Policy Conference.  On Tuesday, he announced his support for a constitutional amendment that would enact a part-time legislature.  Additionally, he went a step further in announcing that he is not only lending support, but would lead the petition drive […]

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Campaign Finance and Election Law: Taking the Mystery out of the Madness, Q&A Series

Apr 15, 2016

If you have been reading this Q&A series on campaign finance and election law, congratulations you’ve made it to the last segment in the series!  We hope that you’ve found the information helpful and informative.  If you haven’t read the previous three segments (series 1, series 2, series 3), then you’ll find it helpful to […]

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